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        We offer a unique Ultra HDTV Streaming Media Hosting Platform and Content Delivery Network which allows us to stream 4K Ultra HDTV Video to any smart phone or computer device even over slow internet connections.  Our hosting offers clustering, load-balancing, cloud servers, VPS, and dedicated servers. We also provide and design Wireless Ultra-Broadband WiFi and WiMax Gateways in partnership with commercial venues.  We offer several end user applications like HD video conferencing, social media portals, POS website design, content delivery networks and syndication, and we offer virtual currency managed blockchain services for projects and companies who need their very own cryptocurrency blockchain. Our cloudmedia CDN was designed for individuals who have common interests in sharing quality technologies, and information with a shared mission and vision on how we can all collectively assist humanity on improving the quality of life by realizing our own inner strength and importance of community networking, collaboration, self-sufficiency, and holistic sustainable development.

        Our online Interactive Media Cloud will have various features for collaborating in documents, to video conferencing, real-time chat rooms, sharing files, as well as live broadcast and video on demand recordings of meetings and training events. Our HD Ultra-band interactive learning cloud environment will enable Global collaboration between Universities, Scientists, or Engineers and Inventors who seek to pioneer and co-create and collaborate on projects with each other while having access to our real-time database of projects and developments. Energy Wave Cloud will be a premiere education co-creation, collaboration space on the internet for the scientist and engineering minds to collaborate and create new projects and inventions. Our Interactive Cloud and Social Media Portal will help to move technologies from concepts, to patent filing, to prototyping, and then finally bringing the new products to market.

        Our Interactive Media Cloud will have some unique features like publishing and distributing media which will basically allow our user developers to capture videos and post it to our or their Youtube Channel, create a Youtube channel and playlist and then we provide a Hosted smart phone enabled Youtube Channel and Playlist Video Wall that can then be embedded onto their web page or pages of choice.  This Youtube Channel Video Wall Playlist Wall will enable automatic syndication from Youtube so the user only needs to upload their video to Youtube and all their videos will automatically syndicate and populate into your custom Youtube Video Wall Player.  This Youtube Video Wall Player will help to drive traffic to your project while minimizing the amount of time republishing videos across many websites. Once this Youtube Video Wall is setup and embedded it only needs to be embedded into a web page once that’s it!  Below is a screenshot preview of our new Youtube Channel and Playlist Video Wall hosted service.